Barrister Gin
Navy Strength

New Barrister Navy Strength Gin from Ladoga Company

Fruko Shop has a newcomer 2020! New Barrister Gin Navy Strength with 55% alcohol content is a Russian Gin made of only domestic ingredients. Most recognized botanicals are used for the manufacture of this incredible beverage:  juniper berry, fresh lemon peel, coriander, cinnamon, caraway, anise and cardamom.

The high volume of alcohol helps to emphasize the full range of botanicals and spices flavors. The aromatic spirits for Barrister Navy Strength Gin is crafted by the way of separate maceration and distillation of each ingredient and further blending according to the classic English recipe.

The severe nature of Barrister Navy Strength Gin is also shown at the threadbare label of the beverage, which uses the St.Andrew Flag (the Ensign of Russian Navy) to glorify the  courage and braveness of sailor men. This is a really powerful beverage dedicated for the real gin amateurs!


«Hero of the fight
against coronavirus»

Fruko-Schulz Company was awarded the title of “Hero of the fight against COVID-19”

The year two thousand and twentieth turned out to be full of new challenges. Based on the events of recent months, the CZECH TOP 100 association, which evaluates key Czech manufacturers from an economic point of view, decided to reward the companies for their efforts in the fight against the coronavirus.

The alcohol producer Fruko-Schulz Company has also been included in this prestigious rating due to its activities. The company was able to organise the production of the ANTI-COVID disinfectant in the middle of March 2020, and thereby helped to provide government agencies with the necessary sanitary protection equipment. Now Fruko-Schulz can rightfully be proud of the “Hero of the fight against coronavirus” award.



Fruko-Schulz presents the hand sanitiser Proti-COVID

Fruko-Schulz Proti-COVID is a hand sanitiser produced according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. It works reliably against a number of bacteria and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The production of Fruko-Schulz Proti-COVID has ben launched on 23d of March 2020 by the agreement with Crisis Head Office of South-Czech region for the equipment of police, hospitals and hygiene stations. Later the Proti-COVID has become available for the common sale.

The antiseptic contains: 100% ethyl alcohol, 3% hydrogen peroxide and bitrex – diatonium benzoate. Production is carried out only in bulk packaging of 5 liters.

The Proti-COVID disinfectant is sold in the Cash & Carry stores in Jindrichuv Hradec, Cash & Carry in Prague and in the Fruko-Schulz Company Shop at 12 Komenskeho Street in Jindrichuv Hradec

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.