About the company

Fruko-Schulz s.r.o. is one of the five largest producers of alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic.

Wide range of Fruko-Schulz products presents both traditional Czech drinks, which include Jindrichohradecký Tuzemák and famous Bohemian absinthe, as well as modern cocktail liqueurs and syrups.

Fruko-Schulz company is a regular participant in international alcohol exhibitions and a winner of prestigious beverage tastings and competitions, thereby confirming the high quality of its products.

Fruko-Schulz is a modern enterprise that takes care of the latest technologies in the area of alcohol production, constantly upgrades its technical equipment, improves its professionalism and implements innovative processes combining increasing production volumes with environmental care.


Fruko-Schulz produces more than 100 kinds of beverages and annually expands the range with the new products:

Fruko-Schulz Tuzemák

Fruko-Schulz Amaretto

Absinthe Magic

Fruko-Schulz Advocaat

Vodka Czar’s Gold

Cognac Roullet XO Gold

Vodka Imperial Collection

Gin Barrister Orange

The annual production of Fruko-Schulz alcoholic beverages in 2018 amounted to 1 127 862 liters of drinking alcohol (100% ABV). In 2019 the significant increase of 24% was achieved and the total annual production volume was 1 371 295 liters of alcohol (100% ABV).

Sales in the Czech Republic

For more than 10 years, traditional Czech beverages are in the TOP5 of the most popular and best-selling Fruko-Schulz products: Jindřichohradecký Tuzemák 37,5%, Tuzemák Bum Pražské Gardy, Vodka Kaiser Franz Joseph, Egg Liqueur and Apricot Drink.

Fruko-Schulz supplies products to the main retail chains of the Czech Republic: COOP Centrum, COOP Morava, Penny Market, Kaufland, Makro, Tesco, Flosman, Lidl, Albert and others.

Export Sales

Fruko-Schulz actively supplies its products to many countries of the world. The total share of export sales in 2018 and in 2019 was 34% and 35% respectively.

The company supplies the products to 34 countries of the world. The biggest importers of Fruko-Schulz beverages are:

Russia, China, Taiwan, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Greece and many others. The most interesting positions of Fruko-Schulz portfolio for foreign customers are premium cocktail liqueurs.

In the year 2019 the list of importing countries had been expanded with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

Fruko-Schulz is the exclusive supplier of well-known alcohol brands to the Czech Republic. Among them are the products of the Abrau Durso winery (Russia), the Roullet Cognac House (France), the Bayadera Group (Ukraine) and many others. Every year, Fruko-Schulz supplies more than 115,000 bottles of imported beverages to the Czech market.

Our team

Fruko-Schultz is a team of professionals, many of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the company. We make our best efforts to provide quality and fast service and we are always ready for new mutually beneficial cooperation.